Monday, April 1, 2019

Monday April 01, 2019

4 Rounds
400M Run
50 Squats

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Tuesday February 05, 2013


Jen B. said...

15:48 Rx'd

MAX HR 172
AVG HR 141

Fitness Estrella said...

14:16 RX'd (04/01/19)
Felt Good. First WOD in about 5 Years.

Previous Times:
11:18 Rx'd (02/05/13)
I did the first round in 2:14 and slowed up from there. My eyes still bother me and still can't see well.

12:15 RX'd (10/30/11)

12:20 RX'd (7/08/11)
Did this at the track in Auburn.

12:37 RX'd (01/01/11)
Did this in Jackson at the church.

11:59 RX'd (06/28/10)
Did this at the track in Auburn. My brother Danny smoked me with a time of 11:47. This was his first time doing this WOD.

10:56 RX'd (02/01/10) *Best Time*
With a WB

11:47 RX'd (09/16/09)
At PVCC Track

11:40 RX'd (07/06/09)

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