Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday March 17, 2017

2 Rounds
15 Weighted Walking Lunges (35/55# DBs on shoulders)
16 Toes-to-bar
8 Power Cleans (35/55# DBs)
Then 2 Rounds
15 Weighted Walking Lunges
16 Pullups
8 Power Cleans

AMRAP 12 minutes


Anonymous said...

Jen B.
completed in 11:55
1st set with 15# DBs, the rest with 20# DBs

kq said...

Completed 1st 2 rounds sub'd K2E on 2nd round of T2B. Used 20lb DB and 15lb DB.
1st round w/ PU did 6 then sub'd push-ups (30 reps). Only completed up to 2nd set of DB lunges on 4th round. Used 20lb DB for rounds 3-4. Swinging bar was tricky. I let Jen finish out T2B she is fast and smooth on them and I was messing with her timing.