Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday October 30, 2014

21 Front Squats (70#/115#)
200M Farmer Carry (2X35#/2X53#)
15 Front Squats
200M Farmer Carry
9 Front Squats
200M Farmer Carry

*Farmer carry requires carrying a kettlebell or dumbell in each hand for the required distance. For example, a woman would walk 200m with a 35# Kettlebell in each hand (like a bucket of water) for 200 meters.

If needed, carry your weighted bar behind your neck on your shoulders. This is not a farmer carry and therefore not RX'd. This is just an example how you can still do a WOD if you do not have the available equipment. Although if you held the weight in front of you, that can be considered RX'd.

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