Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday October 04, 2014

2 Rounds
400M Run
40 Walking Lunges
25 Knees to Elbows
25 Pushups (Hand Release)
25 Burpees

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Wednesday, August 28, 2014


Jen B. said...

21:39 Rx'd

Just happy to complete this one...trying to get back into it. The burpees were the worst - my arm strength was gone after K2E and pushups.

16:48 Rx'd (8/28/13)

Cheri M. said...

14:17 subbed v-ups since I didn't have a hanging bar( only my cheap door one) so did v-ups instead of knees to elbows. Dripping wet and my v-ups were awful form. Need to strengthen those core muscles and stretch more too! Now for a short walk with the dog☺️

Cheri M. said...

I mapped 0.4 on my iPad but curious if my run was short since My time was so different than Jens I just noticed? Isn't 0.4, 400 meters? I'm awful at metrics!

Lisa Hobbs said...

15:43 rx'd

Lisa Hobbs said...

.25 miles is 400m

Cheri M. said...

Yes, it was 0.25 in the miles and 0.40 in the meters. Just seemed short? I did it on map my run. It seemed close but a wee bit shorter than a track or the park, but not by much? Oh well, at least I got it done!

kq said...
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Unknown said...

Heather 18:50 rx'd
Paul 20:32 rx'd