Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday August 04, 2014

AMRAP 15 minutes
10 Dumbbell Thrusters (25/40#)*
50 Double Unders

*May sub using barbell @ 60/95#


Lisa Hobbs said...

7 rnds @ 55# bar
Really wasnt feeling this WOD today. Had done the hill just before this too. Felt slow and sluggish...dus were all over the place.

Unknown said...

Heather 50# pulse 171
Paul 75#
My thrusters were nice and controlled. Was more concerned about form. Making sure to go deep on squats and full extensions. DU's rocked for me today. Got 45 in a row on first round! PR! Got sets of 15 to 25 the other rounds. Paul realized he was using someone else's row it was too short and he couldn't get the DU's. He had to do singles.

Unknown said...

I forgot to put our rounds.
Heather 5 rounds+ 10 thrusters
Paul 4 rounds

kq said...

6 rounds + 7 TH @ 55lbs