Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday July 05, 2014

3 Rounds
15 Power Cleans (80#/135#)
15 Burpees

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Wednesday July 17, 2013

 With Hang Cleans:
Monday October 18, 2010


D. said...

Deneshia 08:18 20#x2 dumbell hang clean. Did this at Best Western in Las Vegas. Very small gym room with just enough space for this WOD. I had a guy on the treadmill right next to me… a little awkward.

kq said...

9:31 Rx'd

I hurt my knee last night so this was hard today.

9:59 Rx'd (7-13)
8:10 Rx'd (7-30-12)
8:17 70lb hang cleans (10-18-10)

Unknown said...

Heather 60#/80#
Paul rx'd
I'm not feeling well this morning so I decided to go light weight. Got 2 rounds in and decided it was too easy. Put another 20# on for the rx'd weight. Paul still isn't feeling well. His PC were (15, and then sets of 5).