Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday June 05, 2014

10 Deadlifts, 200m Run
9 Deadlifts, 200m Run
8 Deadlifts, 200m Run
7 Deadlifts, 200m Run
6 Deadlifts, 200m Run
5 Deadlifts, 200m Run
4 Deadlifts, 200m Run
3 Deadlifts, 200m Run
2 Deadlifts, 200m Run
1 Deadlift, 200m Run

Body Weight for Deadlifts (BW or 110#/185#)

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Monday, August 29, 2011


Lisa Hobbs said...

15:02 @ 85#
lost track after round 7, so i may have done round 6 twice, but i'm not sure either way, good WOD. 
Also ran 4 miles earlier today @36:05 ~9min/mile pace

Jen B. said...

14:55; 100#

I am still feeling some strain in my back, so really trying to focus on form and use more legs and less back!
13:35;95# (2/04/10)
12:45 90# (9/11/09)

Fitness Estrella said...

12:27 135# (06/05/14)
I really tried to be controlled and stay at abot 80% of my heart rate max.

Previous Times:
11:30 RX'd (08/29/11)
10:22 RX'd (02/04/10)
11:00 RX'd (09/11/09)

Unknown said...

Heather 16:00@ 120#
Paul 17:18@ 230#
This was a good one! I felt great on the DL. nice and easy and I didn't feel strained. Runs were hot but nice and easy. Sprinted the last 200m.

D. said...

Deneshia 24:31 130# Oops skipped that last line. Did this yesterday. I thought I was being lazy by leaving off the last 5lbs. Since I've done body weight a few times I didn't think I'd have a problem...paying for it today. A lot of reps for this weight.

kq said...

12:22 @95lbs

Not too bad. DL's felt decent. Still trying to work them out...

20:16, 105lbs 08/29/2011 (have no idea what happened here...)
12:56, 95lbs 02/04/2010
13:26, 80lbs 09/11/2009