Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday June 03, 2014

30 OH Walking Lunges (30#/45#)
30 Burpees
30 Knees to Elbows
30 Push Press (60#/95#)
30 Good Mornings (30#/45#)
30 Power Cleans (60#/95#)

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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Lisa Hobbs said...

13:26 rx'd
Wasted so much time stripping and loading my bar with weights.

Jen B. said...

12:06 Rx'd

This was tough - I was pretty sore from the lunges and squats I did yesterday.

11:30 (6/20/13)
55# PP/PC
25# OH Lunge/Good mornings

Unknown said...

11:06 25# lunges
Did 25# cause I figured putting a plate over my head would be easier than a bar. Lunges, burpees and GM were unbroken. K2E killed me. Could only get 10 at a time. PP was 15,15. PC were in 10's.

D. said...

Deneshia 12:31 Modified due to time constraints and lack of weights.
30 OH Walking Lunges 45# I was only going to do 15, but I was so focused that I was at 20 before I noticed,
15 Burpees,
30 Knees to Elbows ground,
15 Push Press 65# Way too hot for this lift!
30 Good Mornings 32.5#,
15 Power Cleans 65#

Unknown said...

13:54 rx'd
Did OH lunges with a 25# bumper plate and a 5# taped to it. Haven't worked out lately so this is a good one to come back to. Also did 35#kb for good mornings.

Jenette said...

14:01 rx'd (35# kb gm)

Super tough! Loved it though. Made some progress over last time! Still not nearly as fast as Krista on burpees and push press.

06/24/2013 14:54 Rx'd

kq said...

12:32 Rx'd (35lb KB for GM)

This was...fun!
PC's got to me at the end.

13:23 Rx'd