Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday May 18, 2014

Handstand Pushups
Front Squats (125/195#)*
Bar-facing burpees

*Scale weight accordingly


Lisa Hobbs said...

13:48 70#
All fs unbroken except for 15...did three sets of 5. Had to rest the bar on shoulders but didnt drop it. Good WOD.

CWray said...

17:35 #55. Carlie

Lisa Hobbs said...
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Unknown said...

23:43 80#
FS in sets of 5. I really tried to go deep on these squats. I know that's why it took me so long. Coming up from them was super hard! Glad I did that weight though. Handstand push ups are always hard. Felt like my head was going to explode!

Unknown said...

16:12 70#
First set of FS did 10,7, 4
Front squats were good, kept a good pace for burpees, but my wrists were screaming in this workout. Next time I am taping them up for support!

Jen B. said...

75# FS
Modified HSPU (knees on 30" box)

Great job everyone! This was tough. Had to break up the FS except for 6 and 3; Did 12-9, 8-7, 5-4.