Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday May 16, 2014


3 Rounds
400M Run
21 Kettlebell Swings (35#/53#)
12 Pullups

This is the second benchmark WOD for our Nutrition challenge.

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Thursday March 20, 2014


D. said...

05/13/14 12:17 Rx’d Runs super slow. Everything unbroken – Pull ups continuous and cordinated. Not at all happy with this time; although it was very windy and had projectiles flying at me. 0800 is also a bad time to do the WOD due to traffic on the street I cross for the run. I am; however, happy about my pull ups! I’ve been keeping myself at 5-6 reps at a time to prevent rhabdo and wanted to see if I could do this unbroken (especially since it’s a low number of pull ups altogether.) They didn’t feel too strenuous so hopefully I’ll be fine tomorrow.
03/20/14 12:17 Rx’d Runs slow, KB unbroken, pullups 6:6

D. said...

Kelly WOD
Deneshia 34:13 Rx’d I was really surprised that my time was worse. BJ slow step down but otherwise unbroken. WB 20/10 and last round sets of 10; had much better form and coordination. So either my last time is not correct or my runs are totally completely pathetic…I might as well just walk.
03/17/14 32:58 Wallballs terrible/uncoordinated questionable Rx’d
05/28/13 46:07 BJ and WB both slow and broken.
12/07/12 38:44 4 Rounds only.

Unknown said...

12:38 rx'd
Makes a big difference not working out with the group. No one to push me. 1:20 over my last time. Darn pull ups, I hate you!

Unknown said...

12:50 rx'd
Last time I did this I felt like a slug. This time I was powering through it. Each round did 17 KB swings. Pullups could have been better but I'm really happy with my time and overall how I felt through the wod.

14:21 rx'd

Unknown said...

Sorry, meant to put 17 KB swings unbroken then followed with 4 more.

Lisa Hobbs said...

10:28 rx'd
First set of pullups unbroken. All kbs unbroken.

Jen B. said...

10:45 Rx'd (PR)

Beat my time by a few seconds! I was ready to die after this WOD! Did 1st run in 1:35, finished 2nd round at 6:50. All KBs unbroken; Pullups were 12, 7-5, 5-4-3. Great job everyone!

Previous Rx'd:
10:48 (3/20/14)
11:08 (5/27/13)
10:55 (1/13/13)
11:15 (9/16/12)
11:54 (5/17/12)
11:33 (9/22/11)
11:28 (6/18/11)
12:06 (2/18/11)
10:18 (1/19/10) (sub-par pullups)
11:25 (11/06/09)