Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday May 09, 2014


5 Rounds
11 Back Squats (110/185#)*
7 Burpee Pullups
400m Run

*Scale wt. accordingly


Lisa Hobbs said...

Did this workout, but the timer on my phone got messed up and didnt catch mine or Carlie's time...but we rocked it I'm sure!
55# back squat
Carlie 55# front squat and pushups instead of pullups
-we shared a bar so Chace and Devin could share mine.

Jen B. said...

21:28; 75# BS

This was a good weight. I was able to do all reps unbroken, but still felt challenging and able to keep good form and go into a deep squat. Didn't try to go all out on this one, just tried to keep a steady pace with no breaks. I used a squat rack for the back squats, but had to use a box to reach the bar on the burpee pullups.

D. said...

Deneshia 26:57 45# with red band, burpee pullups rx’d. I was ready to be done with this WOD at three rounds. Not the smoothest burpee pullups, they got better as I fatigued.

Lisa Hobbs said...

20:01 @ 65#
Everything slow and controlled. Good weight for me.