Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday April 09, 2014

200m Weighted Run (12#WB or MB/20#WB or MB)
400m Run
3 Rounds
10 DB Push press (25/45#) or Barbell (60/95#)
10 Box jumps
400m run
200m Weighted Run (12# WB or MB/20#WB or MB)


Lisa Hobbs said...

8:42 @ 65# barbell push press

Unknown said...

12:15 rx'd.
Decided to push myself today and do rx'd weight. Could only do 5 at a time (hence the slower time) but happy I finished rx'd.

Unknown said...

Barbell push press for me

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Morgan-8:50 rx'd with barbell

Heather made it a fun race at the end. Good challenge today.

Unknown said...

8:50 rx'd barbell
Nice little sprint at the end Morgan. I wasn't going to make it easy for you to beat me!
Way to do rx'd Tara. That's what will make you stronger. Lifting heavier no matter how long it takes.

hillari said...

#50 bar

D. said...
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D. said...

Deneshia 09:26 Rx'd barbell
First WOD, after back and neck being out of alignment. It was only two weeks, but very long miserable.
I really pushed hard to try and keep up with Lisa, Heather, and Morgan's time.
Great to see you posting Hillari!
Nice Tara!

Jen B. said...

9:04 Rx'd w/barbell

I did this w/ my sister who is visiting from Norcal. She killed me on the push press! Her time was 8:15.
Nice job everyone!

kq said...

9:09 Rx'd w/ 14lb wb, 25lb DB's

Noah (12 y/o)
9:04 w/ 10lb wb; 25lb barbell;
17" BJ

This was fun...kind of...
Thank you for having us Jenette!

Jenette said...

9:56 Rx'd

Lost some momentum on the last round of DB PP's, had to rest them on the ground. Noah and Krista were amazing!!! Super fun and quick WOD.