Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday April 19, 2014

400m Run
50 Kettlebells (35/53#)
30 Pushups
800M Run
40 Kettlebells
20 Pushups
1600m Run
30 Kettlebells
10 Pushups


Unknown said...

24:31 rx'd

Unknown said...

23:12 rx'd
All kb's unbroken. This wasn't too bad!

Jenette said...

24:33 Rx'd

First KB's unbroken, 2nd set 25/15, 3rd set 20/10. Did 10 extra push-ups on the first round! Krista was super fast and didn't stop for anything.

kq said...

22:36 Rx'd

1st and 3rd set of KB's unbroken; 2nd set got to 34 then finished them out. Hands were sweaty. Pushups unbroken. I thought for sure you would catch me on the run Jenette; great job!

30:47 w/18lb kb

He usually does really well with us, but the KB movement was hard and took a lot out of him. His last run was 1200m. Very proud.

Lisa Hobbs said...

20:54 rx'd
Did first 50 kb unbroken. The rest were 32-8, 15-15. Hard to keep grip with arms fatiguing and sweaty hands. Good workout...thanks Jen and Cheri for joining me!

Jen B. said...

22:40 Rx'd

Kept up with Lisa until the last run - she ended up about 300m ahead of me on the mile. 1st set KBs unbroken, 2nd set held at 33 for about 15 seconds, then finished them off. 3rd set 19-11.
Great job everyone!

Cheri M. said...

Great job Noah!! I think I was 23:12? Right Jen? Wasn't feeling too great today! 1st 400 I ran fine alongside Lisa, did the first 50 Kbs unbroken and then with the combo of the Kbs and running my heartbeat was fast and I was dizzy and not breathing right so had to walk a good lap or so to get it down or I thought I'd pass out! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for me! The sweat didn't help either with holding the kb! ;-0! I think that affected us all!

kq said...

Thanks Cheri!