Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday April 12, 2014

With a running clock of 12 minutes do:

1 minute Double Unders
1 minute Snatches (45/75#)
2 minutes Double unders
2 minutes Snatches (45/75#)
3 minutes Double Unders
3 minutes Snatches (45/75#)


Jen B. said...

Our timing was a little off on this one. We didn't hear the timer beep to end our first minute of snatches, so went for a minute and a half. I am not even completely sure of my totals, but this is what I think I did:
1 min DUs: 25
1.5 min snatch: 25
2 min DUs: 30
2 min snatch: 25
3 min DU: 45
3 min snatch 25

Unknown said...

Du's: 52, 55, 86
Snatch: 11, 15, 7
Not sure what my deal was with snatches but I wasn't feeling it today. I honestly wasn't trying very hard.

Lisa Hobbs said...

Jen, you may have to correct my times on this:
DUs:61, 41, 93
Snatches: 14, 12, 21
Disappointed with my dus. Wore the wrong pants...they kept falling down! Plus, the timer was off...we'll have to do this one again.

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

I was the time keeper that screwed everyone up :/

I don't really remember all of my stats. I know I did like 17 snatches in the first mistakenly long round. And I was pretty excited about 130 DU in the 3 minute round mostly due to 2 sets of 40 unbroken. My arms were really worn out by the end though even with such a quick wod.

kq said...

DU's: 50; 60; 80
Snatch: 14; 26; 33

DU's were essentially 10 at a time. Snatches were tough.

Great effort on DU's Jenette! You WILL get them.