Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday April 25, 2014

1070M Paddle Board (.66 Miles)
4250M Run (2.65 Miles)*

*Figure 8 around both lakes


Fitness Estrella said...

36:11 RX'd (04/25/14)
Paddle Board - 12:16
Transition Time - 1:31
Run - 22:24
This was a great WOD! This was the first time on a paddle board and took some getting used to. My toe and foot did bother me and once started to pop out due to lots of pressure for core stabilization. Otherwise I felt good after only doing my 5th WOD in 4 months.

Jen B. said...

42:10 Rx'd
Paddle Board - 15:39
Transition - 1:31
Run - 24:59

This was fun! The paddle board was good, hard to keep up a good momentum - I felt really slow.