Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday March 20, 2014

Tuesday September 17, 2013
3 Rounds
400M Run
21 Kettlebell Swings (35#/53#)
12 Pullups

This is the second benchmark WOD for our Nutrition challenge.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Unknown said...

Heather 11:09 rx'd
I was so mad I didn't beat your time Jen! I really pushed hard on this. I think I could have done a little more on the runs. All kb unbroken, pullups were 7&5 all rounds. I'll get ya next time Jen!

Unknown said...

14:21 rx'd

Lisa Hobbs said...

10:38 rx'd
Really pushed hard on my runs...Jen was on my tail that last round! Thanks for the push Jen. Now we have to beat this in 6wks?!

Jen B. said...

10:48 Rx'd

A new PR for me! Lisa really pushed me. KB's unbroken, don't remember pullups exactly. I know first round was 8-4.
Nice job Heather! You are so close! Hopefully we can all do together next time!

Previous Rx'd:
11:08 (5/27/13)
10:55 (1/13/13) PR
11:15 (9/16/12)
11:54 (5/17/12)
11:33 (9/22/11)
11:28 (6/18/11)
12:06 (2/18/11)
10:18 (1/19/10) (sub-par pullups)
11:25 (11/06/09)

Jen B. said...

Aaron: 15:22 Rx'd
Cheri: 10:15 35# KB, blue band
Carlie: 14:25 26# KB, blue band
Dez: 14:47 25# DB, green band
Lexi: 14:02 15# KB, blue/purple band

Cheri M. said...

Run felt great! And my arms felt it towards the end of the 3rd round of KB's. Then those Darn pull-ups! I need to practice these WO a band so I can get the movement right! I tend to cheat with the band and catch myself bouncing.;-0! My arms have always been my weakness. Once I buy a house that's the 1st thing I need to put into my garage!

Cheri M. said...
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D. said...

Deneshia 12:17 Rx’d
Pullups 6:6 each round.
05/21/13 14:28 Rx’D KB broken once last round, pull ups broken once each round.
01/17/13 16:21 purple band
05/17/12 15:47 red band

Jenette said...

12:21 Rx'd

I prob could have saved time at the park because we were walking up and down my driveway into the garage. Pull-ups were 6/6, 6/6 and 3/3/3/3. I made progress since last year!

2013-11-24 13:34 @ Rx
2013-01-08 13:52 @ Rx

kq said...

13:21 Rx'd

Well I have TONS of room for improvement.
KB's unbroken, PU's 6/6, ?, 5/4/3.

Everyone else; great job!

D. said...

05/13/14 12:17 Rx’d Runs super slow. Everything unbroken – Pull ups continuous and cordinated. Not at all happy with this time; although it was very windy and had projectiles flying at me. 0800 is also a bad time to do the WOD due to traffic on the street I cross for the run. I am; however, happy about my pull ups! I’ve been keeping myself at 5-6 reps at a time to prevent rhabdo and wanted to see if I could do this unbroken (especially since it’s a low number of pull ups altogether.) They didn’t feel too strenuous so hopefully I’ll be fine tomorrow.
03/20/14 12:17 Rx’d Runs slow, KB unbroken, pullups 6:6