Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday March 23, 2014

400M Run
25 Toes 2 Bar
400M Run
25 Push Press (60#/95#)
400M Run
25 SDHP (60#/95#)
400M Run
25 Pullups
400M Run

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Wednesday April 24, 2013


Lisa Hobbs said...

Ran 7 miles. Tough mudder here we come!

Jen B. said...

16:48 Rx'd

I had to push hard on this one to beat Heather! It was close! She jumped ahead on T2B and then I caught back up with pullups. The last 5 of everything was hard. Great WOD - thanks everyone!

16:56 Rx'd (4/24/13)

Lisa Hobbs said...

18:53 rx'd
SDHPs were difficult.

Unknown said...

16:50 rx'd
T2b and PP were easy but SDHP and pull ups, not so much. I felt out of breath and I had cotton mouth so bad. I tried to stay ahead of Jen but knew she'd catch nee in the pull ups. The sprint toward the end killed me but I didn't want to be more than a few seconds behind. Thanks for the vomitous push Jen!

Unknown said...

22:41 55#
I haven't done PP in a long time and when I was warming up, I felt like I was having bad form while trying out the 60#. 55# felt plenty the entire time. While I was doing PP, a friend walked up to me and started talking, so I paused for a bit. This was a slow wod for me. Happy about t2b and pull ups though.

Jen B. said...

Morgan: 18:13; 55#
Carlie: 20:10; 30#? Blue band
Hillari: 18:04; 30#, green band
Lexi: 22:31; 20#; blue/red band

D. said...

Deneshia 22:32 Rx’d 65# Only have 45# bar.
04/25/13 28:36 50#

Jenette said...

18:56 Rx'd

Super tough, and had to go up and down the driveway each round. Thanks to KQ for pushing me! She is so fast on the PP and SDHP.

kq said...

19:15 Rx'd

This one is a killer for me.
Thanks Jenette: I knew you would catch me on the pullups. :)

20:16 Rx'd

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