Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday March 29, 2014

Getting ready for Tough Mudder

1 Mile Run
50 Situps
30 Box Jumps (16"/20")
15 Burpees
1 Mile Run
50 Russian Twists (10#/15#)*
30 Pushups (Hand Release)
15 Burpees
1 Mile Run
50 Medicine Ball Slams (10#/15#)*
30 Kneeling Jumps (Knees to Feet)**
15 Burpees

* Use a Bumper Plate for this is you do not have a WB the right size. For medicine ball slams - You can take the weight fully extended above head and come down and touch the ground with a little force to keep from slamming the ball or weight. Then repeat.
** The is knees on the ground and butt on your feet/heels and spring up onto your feet. Then fully extend to a standing position. Repeat.


Fitness Estrella said...

35:27 Rx'd (03/29/14)
This was tough! It made it even harder running on a treadmill that was slipping and had to wait for it to start up each time. Instead of slamming the ball I went from fully extended to touching the ground with a forceful motion. Toe and foot gave me a hard time with running and Knee Jumps. Did this on duty.

Lisa Hobbs said...

12# wb
Modified kneeling jumps...used my hands for support
Bj 19"
1st mile: 6:51
2nd mile: 7:10
3rd mile: 7:33

Lisa Hobbs said...

Devin Hobbs: 40:52 same modifications as me. Good job. We're ready for the tough.

Tara Carroll said...

12# slams and twists
19" bj
Modified kneeling jumps

Jen B. said...

10# Med ball
19" BJ
Modified kneeling jumps

heather fackrell said...

Heather 38:57
12# wb
Paul 47:19
19" bj
20# wb

Cheri M. said...

Did diff route than the others. Run was just shy of a mile. .98 1st mile I clocked at 6:25 the 3rd was way slower. The slams had my shoulder popping. The knees to feet I had to use my hands a few times to catch myself too.
12# slams