Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday March 28, 2014


Thrusters (65#/95#)
Burpees Facing Bar*

*Burpees must be done facing bar and then Broad Jump over Bar to complete one Rep. Stagger step jumps are not allowed.

Watch the live archived footage of the Open 14.5.


Unknown said...

Heather 19:42 rx'd
Paul 22:28 rx'd
This sucked! I literally didn't think I would finish it. I wanted to quit so bad. I'm just glad it's over cause my wrists are killing me.

Lisa Hobbs said...

15:53 @ 50#
Killer WOD!

Carlie: 19:25 @ 35#?

Jen B. said...

60# Thruster
Bar-facing burpees

I apologize for not posting "bar-facing burpees". In my defense, only burpees are posted on Mainsite and I did not watch the WOD that night. Still a tough WOD either way!

Jenette said...

17:54 55# thruster

Totally awful WOD! So happy to be done with it. Thanks to KQ for the push and motivation.