Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday February 5, 2014

With a running clock of 9 minutes do the following:
2 minutes of burpees
2 minutes of situps
2 minutes of inverted burpees
1 minute of burpees
1 minute of situps
1 minute of inverted burpees

Post total reps


Unknown said...

27, 32, 13, 12, 11, 7

30, 38, 24, 14, 21, 12

This was a fun quick wod. The inverted burpees felt awkward. And my back bones didn't like them, but it was nice to get a good core workout today.

Unknown said...

38, 45, 25, 15, 20,13
I did this inside so I was sweating like crazy. The burpees really bothered my shoulder. My quads were on fire with the inverted. Good quick wod though.

Lisa Hobbs said...

28, 50, 19, 12, 25, 11
Those inverted burpees were strange. My legs were feeling it too!

CWray said...

25, 51, 19, 11, 25, 11. That was such a long 9 minutes!

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Forgot to post this from last week.

Morgan- 32,51,26,16,21,12

Cheri- 30,45,22,15,24,12

kq said...

30, 50, 15, 14, 24, 9

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