Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday February 23, 2014

4 Rounds
400M Run
50 Double Unders (150 Singles)*

* I would like to see everybody attempt DU's in this WOD. If 50 is too many for you right now, do 5 DU's per round. If 5 is too easy do 10 or 15 per round. Make it something challenging but at the same time something new to learn. Remember practice what you suck at.

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Wednesday November 13, 2013


Fitness Estrella said...

10:38 RX'd (02/23/14)
I tried to take this easy since all I was doing was trying to drop weight for a BJJ tournament a couple hours. I ended up beating my time. Unbroken on DU's all rounds except for the third (38-12).

Previous Times:
11:21 RX'd (05/13/12)

10:51 RX'd (11/09/11)

9:51 RX'd w/35 DU's (07/24/11)

Jen B. said...

I was having a hard time with DU's today, so cut it to 25 DU's per round. The last round did 21 in a row. I will have to try this again soon.

Previous Times:
20:27 Rx'd (5/13/12)
15:41 w/ 35 DUs (11/13/11)
16:36 w/ 20 DUs (9/6/11)

Lisa Hobbs said...

10:20 rx'd
Dus went pretty well. First round-45 unbroken, 2nd-49, 3rd- not as good, only got 20 unbroken, and last round-49....never got all 50, but still I'll take it!

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Morgan- 11:26 rx'd

New PR of 49 DU in round 3! Awesome but pretty frustrating that I choked on the very last one in the set!

Jen B. said...

Wow! Awesome job on DU's to both of you!

D. said...

Deneshia 10:36 Rx’d
DU’s 50, 37:13, 49:1, 26:21:1:1:1 Something like that anyway - the last three I really struggled with! I was toast by the end and still have room to improve on the last two runs.
11/14/13 11:47 Rx’d DU 50, 49:1, 49:1, 49:1
05/24/2013 13:32 Rx’D
11/16/12 15:52