Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday January 09, 2014

3 Rounds
10 Ground to Overhead (60#/95#)
200M Run

Then continue for 3 more rounds and post times for 3 rounds and 6 rounds completed.

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Thursday, November 19, 2012


Unknown said...

Is this considered a snatch?

Jen B. said...

This can be a snatch or clean and jerk.

Unknown said...

5:33/6:29 = 12:02
Paul 5:11/5:08 = 10:19
Unbroken first 2 rounds. Paul was a beast on this wod. He was unbroken all 6 rounds. For every 1 rep I did, he did 2. I ran another 3/4 of a mile afterwards.

Unknown said...

9:10 for the first 3 rounds
Kids interrupted so that's all I got done.
Rx'd weight

Lisa Hobbs said...

3 rounds- 6:18
6 rounds- 13:04
Rx'd clean and jerks
Ran 3.2 miles before and after...from my house to Morgan's. Thanks for the great workout Cheri and Morgan!

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

1st round of 3- 5:19
2nd round of 3- 5:50
Total- 11:09 45# snatch

Snatches felt alright. I never had to drop the bar but I think it was a good weight for feeling comfortable with the movement. I still don't feel like I have it down perfectly, yet...

Cheri- 5:38 1st round/ 12:05total 45#c&j

Thanks for the workout, ladies.