Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday January 04, 2014

1 mile run
2k row
1 mile run

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Sunday, April 01, 2012


D. said...

1 mile Run 06:55 PR
Approx. 3 min rest
subbed 2 mile bike 12:39
00:42 transition
1 mile Run 09:22
02:45 transition
and added 1 mile Skates 07:39
First mile run was all out the rest was at a leisurely pace. I liked this one…just missing one thing: row machine! :)

Jen B. said...

Nice job on your mile!

D. said...

Thanks Jen. Now it's your turn!
Every 50-100m I would choose a marker and told myself I would just keep up the pace until that point. Did this all the way to the end. That last 100m was tough; my lungs, chest, and throat were on fire.

Lisa Hobbs said...

26:06 rx'd
Thanks Morgan for bringing your rowers!
1st mile- 6:19 ( pr! And it was my new years goal to get under 6:20)
2nd mile- 7:10ish
The row took the longest, and had to attend to the baby a few times.

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Morgan- 27:26

1st mile- 6:37
took a huge rest before jumping on the rower
2k row- 9:33
2nd mile- probably 9-10 minutes.

Was hoping to do better on my 1st mile, but I have a cold so I'm hoping that's what slowed me down...

Jen B. said...

26:48 Rx'd
1st mile -7:22
2k Row - 9:44
2nd mile - 8:48

My times were almost identical on the miles and row, so my transition time must have been longer.

26:23 (4/01/12)
1st mile 7:30
2k row - 9:45
2nd mile ~ 8:40
+ transition time

I was a little faster last time...
Previous time (5/12/10)

1 mile run (7:20)
2k row (9:58)
1 mile run (8:35)
Total time: 26:16

Fitness Estrella said...

23:03 RX'd (01/04/14) on 01/22/14
1 Mile Run = 6:55
2K Row = 7:34 (1:54/500M pace)
1 Mile Run = 8:08
*26 seconds of transition.
My Row could have been a little faster but spent another 10 seconds getting my feet in the straps after I already started. My runs are horrific! I guess I am happy about my Row time.

Previous Times:
Injured (04/01/12)

21:43 RX'd (05/30/11)
1 Mile Run = 6:21
2K Row = 7:52 (1:58/500M pace)
1 Mile Run = 7:15
*15 seconds of transition.

*Note - About 10 seconds transition between run and row and 5 second transition between row and run.

21:28 RX'd (05/12/10)
1 Mile Run = 6:10
2K Row = 7:41 (1:55/500M pace)
1 Mile Run = 7:22
*15 seconds of transition.

*Note - About 10 seconds transition between run and row and 5 second transition between row and run.

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