Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday December 14, 2013


3 Rounds
800M Run
50 Back Extensions or Good Mornings (30#/45#)
50 Situps

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Saturday May 11, 2013


Unknown said...

22:51 35# KB

Lisa Hobbs said...

21:09 35# bar for gms

Unknown said...

24:33 rx'd gm's
I love that I was lighter on weight and still got smoked by Tara and Lisa. Have I mentioned how much I hate running?

D. said...

Deneshia 25:07 Rx’d 32.5# Again was hoping for more improvement; but closing the gap.
05/15/13 29:45 Rx’D hip injury
12/27/12 28:21 Rx’D

Cheri M. said...

Lisa. Carlie and I did this one today and the last 20 sit-ups I felt dragged for me. My allergies had me gasping for air as well during the 800 runs. Trying to keep up with Lisa is is no walk in the park ;-0! Lol
19:57 and used a 35#kb for GM

Lisa Hobbs said...

19:44 rx'd w/ 35#
Cheri pushed me on those runs. Thank goodness for her allergies! Haha! Beat my previous time! Yay!

Unknown said...

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