Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday November 05, 2013

5 Rounds
200M Run
3 Power Cleans (100#/185#)
10 Deadlifts (100#/185#)
20 Jumping Air Squats

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Sunday April 21, 2013


Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Great group today! Everything felt easy compared to the Power cleans. Even just 3 was pretty rough. There were 2 rounds where I had some fails so I ended having to do the movement like 5 times. That got heavy.

Jared- 17:00rx'd
Heather- 19:40rx'd
Paul- 13:18rx'd
Lisa- 14:30 80#
Carlie- 15:00 60#
Cheri- 15:20 regular squats/55#
Tara- 14:50 55#
Hillari- 15:17 60#
Aubrey- 23:40 regular squats/30#

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Lisa, Devin's time was not written down. You can post that if you have it

Lisa Hobbs said...

Dev doesnt care about his time. He only did 4 rnds anyway.
This was tough. I had planned to do 90#, but when i tried it it was way too heavy for me. I couldnt get under the bar, so i dropped to 80#. The last clean on the 4th round i hit my collar bone really hard...knocked the wind out of me. So, the last round i lifted the bar to chest height, but didnt get under the bar. Didnt want to hit my collar bone again

Jen B. said...

15:30; 90#

This was my slowest time so far! I strained my lower back a few weeks ago, so I am really focusing on form (I think I was getting a little sloppy). Failed a couple times on the PCs the 1st round. Tried 95# before the WOD - but it wasn't happening.

12:09; 90# (4/21/13)
13:31; 90# (12/08/11)
14:48; 90# (6/12/11)

Fitness Estrella said...

14:43 RX'd (11/05/13)
Extremely Hard! I failed 3 times on PC's on the first round! I failed several more times throughout the WOD> My elbow is having a tough time closing all the way to catch heavy Cleans. I am not happy with my performance.

Previous Times:
10:56 RX'd (04/21/13) on 04/29/13
Round 1 - 1:50
Round 2 - 2:10
Round 3 - 2:30
Round 4 - 2:25
Round 5 - 2:01

13:02 with 95# Bar (12/08/11) (one handed while in a sling)

13:11 RX'd (06/12/11)