Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thursday November 28, 2013


Filthy Fifties
50 Box Jumps (20"/24")
50 Jumping Pullups
50 Kettlebell Swings (26#/35#)
50 Lunges (Steps)
50 Knees 2 Elbows (Situps)
50 Push Press (30#/45#)
50 Back Extensions (Good Mornings w/30#/45# Bar)
50 Wallballs (12#@ 9'/20# @ 10')
50 Burpees
50 Double Unders (150 Singles)

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Monday, October 01, 2012


Unknown said...

Heather rx'd 25:37 30# db swings
Paul rx'd 33:38
Lisa rx'd 23:32
Carlie 30:42
Tara rx'd 31:20
Denesha rx'd 32:10
Jen rx'd 28:10
Hillari 33:50
Dan rx'd 29:14
Julie rx'd 31:47

Unknown said...

Morgan, your time wasn't written down so I hope you remembered it.

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Morgan- 23:45 rx'd

Thanks for an awesome group workout everyone! This was really tough.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jen B. said...

28:10 Rx'd w/good mornings, 21" BJ

Wow, I am very impressed with everyone's times! Deneisha - you cut your time in half! I messed up and went from push press into wallballs - my arms were toast from the push press and I was only doing one at a time for the first 10 or so, then only 5 at a time. I was right with Morgan through push press, so she must have blown through the wallballs, burpees,and DU's.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eat your heart out!

29:31 Rx'd backwards (1/13/13)
27:44 Rx'd (11/23/11)
31:59; 21" BJ, 26# KB, 35# PP, situps, 14# WB, singles (4/23/2010)
33:46; 14# WB, 21" BJ, 35# KB, 35# PP, situps, Singles (11/2009)

D. said...

Happy Thanksgiving all. Thanks for the push.


kq said...

27:03 Rx'd

Really was not in the mood to do this. BJ's were slow. Felt good on everything else except K2E and I couldn't breath during the burpees. DU's were ok at the end. Jenette killed this and DANG Lisa and Morgan...whoa nice work!!

Nice job all; enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

27:31 Rx'd w/ 16lb WB@7' (1-30-13; backwards)
28:20 Rx'd w/30lb DB; 16lb WB@7' (10-1-12)
28:57 Rx'd (35lbs KB/PP/GM/TH for WB)11-23-11
28:26 (Rx'd, 35lb KB, sit-ups, TH for WB) 06-30-11
35:12 (Rx'd with singles) 11-10-09

Unknown said...

31:20 rx'd. Did well on push press and good mornings and kb. Knees 2 elbows slowed me and du's were slow. I was so fatigued I had to add singles in between. Great group workout today!! Now let's do something with less equipment tomorrow! ;)

D. said...

Hold onto your turkey!
5k - Thanksgiving Classic
Deneshia 23:30
I'm so excited! I didn't believe my time so I had to go online to make sure it was really 5k.

Jen B. said...

D. - That is awesome!
Krista - Nice job!

Jenette said...

27:15 Singles

I took about a minute off from last time so I was thrilled! Wondering how I'll ever take off FOUR minutes to be as fast as Morgan and Lisa! Thanks, Krista for joining me and getting it done before Thanksgiving. :-)

Fitness Estrella said...

23:38 RX'd (11/28/13) - Good Mornings
I was unbroken the first 4 exercises except for J. PU's. I did 25,15,10 on those. K2E's took me 3:30 to finish. I finished GM's at 14:30 and WB's @ 17:50. I finished Burpees @ 22:50. It takes me ~ 4:00 to complete my final 50 burpees in the 100 Burpees for time WOD so I am actually happy with it. Always a good WOD!

Previous Times:
27:49 RX'd (10/01/12) - Good Mornings
24:09 RX'd (06/30/11) - Good Mornings
26:23 RX'd (04/23/10) - Situps for Back Ext.
25:51 (11/10/09) - Situps for Back Ext. and Singles
Started with WB's and then Lunges.
30:24 (06/16/09) - Situps for Back Ext. and Singles
1st Round - 13:15
2nd Round - 17:09
I did 2 rounds of 25.

Jen B. said...

26:34 Rx'd

Had to do this again since I messed up on the order last time. Much better time this way! Everything felt about the same, except the wallballs were definitely a little faster.