Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday November 16, 2013

10 Rounds
7 Pullups
7 Front Squats (60#/95#)
7 Push Press (60#/95#)

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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Jen B. said...

14:44 Rx'd

I really pushed on this one to try to do all the weights unbroken. I did until the last round when I dropped the bar after 2 push press, then finished it off. I was able to all pullups until about round 7 and broke it to 5-2. Last round was 3-2-2.

17:01 Rx'd (1/29/12)
16:39; 55# (2/25/11)

Jen B. said...

Lisa: 17:41 Rx'd
Cheri: 16:12; 45#, blue band
Carlie: 21:54; 45#, blue band

Unknown said...

Heather 23:03 rx'd
Paul 17:31 rx'd
Man this killed me. Those pull ups are my enemy! They get into my head and I think about it too much which slows me down. Way to kill it Jen! You rocked today!

Fitness Estrella said...

11:43 RX'd (11/16/13)
This is a good WOD although it hurts. At the end of round 6 I was just under a 1 minute per round pace. The 7th round I started to drop the weight after 7 FS and 1 PP. Otherwise I was unbroken on everything.
I am amazed at Jen's time. You are awesome and as usual kicked butt!

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Injured 3 months post surgery (01/29/12)
13:39 RX'd (02/26/11)

D. said...

11/16/13 16:51 4 rounds no band then purple band. 32.5# Easy weight; but not going to increase it until my form is good. First time weighted front squat no assist - my quads have a little meat on them now!