Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday October 21, 2013

21 Front Squats (70#/115#)
200M Farmer Carry (2X35#/2X53#)
15 Front Squats
200M Farmer Carry
9 Front Squats
200M Farmer Carry

*Farmer carry requires carrying a kettlebell or dumbell in each hand for the required distance. For example, a woman would walk 200m with a 35# Kettlebell in each hand (like a bucket of water) for 200 meters.

If needed, carry your weighted bar behind your neck on your shoulders. This is not a farmer carry and therefore not RX'd. This is just an example how you can still do a WOD if you do not have the available equipment. Although if you held the weight in front of you, that can be considered RX'd.

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Friday, November 16, 2012


Lisa Hobbs said...

9:23 55# front squat (is that the right time Morgan?)
Wanted a lighter weight on my squats to make sure I had better form. Felt like my form was much better than last time. Farmer carry was brutal. My arms were screaming!

Jen B. said...

8:59 Rx'd

I am still feeling the effects of this one in my shoulders from the farmer carry. Did all FS and first farmer carry unbroken. Dropped once on second farmer carry and 3 times on the third.

Ran a mile with Lisa afterwards: 7:14 (thanks Lisa!)

11:02 Rx'd
11:45 75# FS (2/22/12)

Jen B. said...

Paul F.: 9:17 Rx'd
Heather: 10:42 Rx'd
Aaron: 7:48; 95# FS
Tara: 11:58; 55# FS, 25# DBs
Cheri: 7:28; 50# FS, 30# DBs

Cheri M. said...

Farmer carry was brutal on the wrists and forearms. Feeling it in the shoulders and back now. 7:28 50/60

Fitness Estrella said...

7:23 RX'd (10/21/13)
Good WOD! Unbroken on the Front Squats and first 2 rounds of Farmer Carries. Drop the weight twice the last round with Farmer Carries.

Previous Times:
7:33 RX'd (11/16/12)
Injured (02/22/12)

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Morgan- 9:12 55#FS

kq said...

9:08 Rx'd

All FS unbroken; slow and steady. Farmer carries were tough; such a shoulder burner. Need to be faster on those. Jenette you did an amazing job!

10:26 Rx'd
14:27; 75lb FS, 25lb farmer carry (metal plates) (2-22-12)

Jenette said...

9:45 Rx'd

I was so happy to get this done with 70# fsq! I broke them up 11/5/5, 7/5/3, 5/4, focusing on full rom. Farmer carry was fast and unbroken...I ran the whole time to make up for the front squats. Felt great! Thanks Krista for the push!!! You make the squats look so easy.

11/21/12 - 9:40, 65#, 35#
3/4/2012 - 14:26, 65#, 35#

Jenette said...
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