Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday November 01, 2013

25 Handstand Pushups
50 Toes 2 Bar
800M Run
75 Push Press (45#/75#)
150 Double Unders

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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Jen B. said...

Modified HSPU (feet on table)

This was tough! Improved quite a bit from the last time though. HSPU in 2 sets 16-9. T2B were slow. Started with 20 push press, then 10 x 2, then anywhere from 6-8 after that. Did DUs in sets of 20-30, but had to rest for a bit between each. Nice job everyone!

27:00; assisted HSPU (3/18/12)

Jen B. said...

All w/ modified HSPU

Paul F.: 19:20; singles
Krista: 20:44
Lisa: 21:11
Tara: 23:33
Cheri: 17:15; singles, K2E

Jen B. said...

Aubrey and Hillari did:
2 rounds
10 Pushups (knee-assist)
20 leg lifts
400m run
30 Push Press
75 Singles

Hillari: 16:15; 30#PP
Aubrey: 16:48; 20#PP

Lisa Hobbs said...

Double unders killed me on this! Toes to bat were also challenging. Many of them were more like toes to arms! I'm working on it though!

Unknown said...

23:33 with 35#
Really wanted to do rx'd on this one, but until my shoulder starts feelings better I'll have to lay off. Toes to bar were killer. Did all du's barefoot. Hopefully when I get my new jump rope that will change. :)

kq said...

Modified HSPU

Tough. T2B were hard; my toes certainly did not make it to the bar every time! Those were difficult after 30-35. PP were tough too. Got to 55 then finished them out 15 + 5. DU's...pure torture. Once I got to 100 I finished out in sets of 10. Great work everybody! So glad to be in your company! :0)

24:49 (3/20/12)
Modified HSPU

Fitness Estrella said...

16:19 RX'd (11/01/13)
Hard WOD! I did 15 HSPU to start. Everything else I knock out in multiple sets. DU's were very tiring!

Previous Time:
11:10 Scaled (03/18/12) 3 Months post surgery
800M Run
75 One Arm PP 35#
150 DU's