Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday August 24, 2013

Thrusters (60#/95#)

*May use dumbbells if this is all you have. (25#x2/45#x2)

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Saturday June 09, 2012


Jen B. said...

8:42 Rx'd (62#)

Well, I decided to go up on my thruster weight since I am actually usually just shy of 60# because of the weight of my bar, so I added 5# to what I normally to do.
Thrusters were 13-8, 6-5-4, 5-4

8:16 25# DB x 2 (6/09/12)
8:23 60# (3/29/11)

Fitness Estrella said...

5:48 RX'd (08/24/13)
This was tough. My legs felt weak. The only time I broke was at 10 on my 2nd round of Thrusters (Maybe 10 seconds). I am really glad to beat my time.
I am now doing BJJ and my goal is to do both CF and BJJ at least 3 X's/week each!

Previous Times:
8:06 RX'd w/ 2X45# Dumbbells (06/09/12) Provo, UT Hotel Gym
6:28 RX'd (03/29/11)

Jenette said...

10:11 Rx'd

Well, glad to see I made progress w/the higher weight. This WOD was still as awful as I remembered. My shoulders still felt like they were burning. Thanks Krista for making it look soooo easy! :-p

06/12/12 - 10:26, 55#...this combo of overhead and burpees really takes it out of my shoulders. They are burning by the second round. It's good though, I know I'm pushing it but keeping full ROM.

kq said...

7:28 Rx'd

This was hard after the wod we did body did not do these movements very well despite Jenette's comment. Got all 21 and 9 TH's; I think I might have dropped the bar twice on 15...can't remember; once for sure!

Nice push Jenette!

7:15 Rx'd (6-9-12)
7:48 Rx'd (7-28-11)
8:00 Rx'd (3-29-11)