Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday August 16, 2013

Clean and Jerk (80#/135#)

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Sunday August 26, 2012


Unknown said...

Heather 65#/red band
I feel that I still need lots of work on my kips but they felt better than last time.
Paul, red band

Jen B. said...


My first round felt good, did 8-2, then was only stringing about 3 together on the other rounds.

18:34 75# (8/28/12)
14:03; 65# (2/8/11)

Fitness Estrella said...

10:43 RX'd (08/16/13)
For being banged up, I felt really good. I did the first round of C&J's unbroken. C&J's felt very smooth and seemed to get in good rhythm and form. I only broke my pullups a few rounds.
Thanks for joining us Paul and Heather.

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13:47 RX'd (08/26/12)
11:18 RX'd (02/08/11)

Daniel Burgess said...

22:14 RX'd

Started with a 4 mile run, went right into workout.

Did most C&J unbroken, all PU unbroken. My cardio is a mess right now. I believe that a result of some meds I am on which is increasing my blood pressure. But the weight it self was easy.