Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday July 10, 2013

3000M Bike
75 Kettlebell Swings (35#/53#)
1000M Row
60 Wallball Shots (12#@9'/20#@10')
800M Run
45 Pullups


Lisa Hobbs said...

Did all but the bike ride, and broke it up like this:
800 m run
30 wbs
38 kbs
23 pullups (purple band)
1000m run
30 wbs
37 kbs
22 pullups (purple band)

21:53 this was tough. I'm only getting the kettlebell about halfway up at this point. It's a little heavy for me right now, but I'm going to work up to it.B

Jenette said...

I had already scheduled this one for Friday. :-)

Jen B. said...
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Fitness Estrella said...

24:11 RX'd (07/10/13)
This was tough, but a good WOD! We mapped out 3000M but my bike showed we did ~ 2 miles (3200M). Have fun with this one.

Bike 5:20
KB's 50, 16, 9
Row 3:58
WB's 21, 15, 15, 9 ??
Run SLOW! (over 4:00)
PU's 21, .....

Jen B. said...

31:20 Rx'd

Very tough, especially in this muggy heat. Unfortunately my hands started to rip after about 30 pullups and could only do 2 at a time after that. I probably would have been OK except I did a pullup WOD yesterday.

Bike ~7:20
KB 30-25-20
Row 4:51
WB 15-10-10-10-10-5
Run - ?slow

Great job Lisa - keep it up!