Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday July 23, 2013

15 Kettlebells and 1 Box Jump
14 Kettlebells and 2 Box Jumps
13 Kettlebells and 3 Box Jumps
3 Kettlebells and 13 Box Jumps
2 Kettlebells and 14 Box Jumps
1 Kettlebell and 15 Box Jumps

Dont forget the entire sequence. Kettlebells from 15 to 1 and the Box Jumps from 1 to 15.

RX'd for WOD:
Kettlebells - 44#/70#
Box Jumps - 20"/24"

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Wednesday February 23, 2011


Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

This was a really bad workout for me for some reason. I was seeing black after round one and had to go to step ups about halfway through. Everyone else did quite awesome! Thanks for the great group tonight!

Morgan-30:44 35#, stepups @ 1/2 point
Jaicee-19:49 26#
Paul-14:21 rx'd
Denishia- 17:35 53# Russian swings
Jeff- 19:40 rx'd?
Krista- 17:33 rx'd
Tina- 18:45 26#, 1/2 full box jumps

Jen B. said...

15:52 Rx'd

Wow - this is a tough one. I smashed my last time. There is definitely something to be said for a clean diet.

Nice job all of you!

17:05 Rx'd (2/23/11)

Unknown said...

I'm still learning the lingo here so please be patient with me. Could someone explain Rx'd for me?

Unknown said...

I did a 10 minute amrap.
10 jumping squats
10 mountain climbers
10 sit ups
10 pushups
I finished with 7 rounds. Did the first 2 rounds regular squats on accident.

Anonymous said...

25:03 Rx'd

Not sure what happened here. ON


L.a. said...

I did Morgans post WO for this evening, this morning, 7/22/13!I did stepups with ankle wieghs instead of BJ's.

Stepups @18"
KB @30lbs

Lisa Hobbs said...

35# kb

Fitness Estrella said...

14:21 RX'd (07/23/13)
I had forgot how difficult this WOD is! BJ's with KB's are extremely difficult. I had fun with the group!

Previous Times:
14:40 RX'd (02/23/11)