Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday July 02, 2013

50K Bike Ride (30.1 Miles)

Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail


Jenette said...

Found this on FTF CrossFit's website...my cousin and aunt go to this box. Krista and I are going to try it tonight.

In memory of the 19 fallen firefighters on 6/30/13
6 rounds of:
30 Double Unders
13 Burpee Pull-ups
19 Thrusters
200 Foot Farmers Carry
100 Foot Bear Crawl
6/30/13, 19 firefighters, Carrying their gear and getting in their Shelters.

Jenette said...


-SOME double-unders but really hard to do even 1 so mostly singles
-Burpees only

This was so difficult, mainly because of the thrusters, but it was all a serious challenge.

Fitness Estrella said...

100K Meter + Bike Ride. 4 Hours 45 Minutes (07/02/13)
Jen and I did the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail from Folsom Lake Dam to Discovery Park in Old Town Sacramento. It was a total of 33 Miles (32 Miles + 1 extra mile of site Seeing) we rode in 2 Hours and 45 Minutes. Once we arrived I decided I was going to ride back. Not too smart along the river (upstream) with no shade and 104 degrees outside at 1:30.
I did the first 18 Miles back in 59 Minutes and 14 Seconds. At the 2 Hour mark I had hit a total of 31 Miles. This is where I stopped and had Jen pick me up. I had 1 Mile to go. Lets just say I couldn't go any further. I was not prepared.
64 Miles (103,000 Meters) in 4:45:00.
1st Leg - 33 Miles in 2:45:00 (Downstream).
2nd Leg - 31 Miles in 1:59:50 (Upstream).

kq said...


DU's were typically 18/12 at best 21/9. Burpees only. TH's @45lbs; 1st round all 19, thereafter 15/4 last round 14/5. Farmer carry w/ 35lb KB's.

Thank you Jenette.

God bless these fallen firefighters their families and friends.

Anonymous said...


Dumbbell Thrusters 45#
2 min on treadmill with highest incline.

Did this at the Hotel. Dumbbell thrusters are pretty unique they require a different type of balance.