Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday July 06, 2013



Joshua said...

I went to the gym with like 5 guys and did Fight gone bad. I have no official rep count unfortunately.
1st 3 minutes - 15-20 reps/minute
the rest - ~12 reps average/minute

So I did this workout with the 5 guys at first and as soon as I started some people took the bar with 95# on it and so I resorted to the 75# bar and I got really irritated. I started on the 95# bar about half way through the second round sincethey finished with it by then.
My Lieutenant that I askedto come with us finally came as we were finishing FGB and I told him I'd do it again with him... lol
So the posted scores are from my second go through haha

Fitness Estrella said...

Hey Josh. You will have to do this a third time. This WOD is done with 75# PP, 75# SDHP and 20" BJ. Way to be a go getter though!

Joshua said...

arggggh! Well I'll get on that in a while... haha