Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday July 08, 2013

4 Rounds
200M Run
5 Pullups
15 Box Jumps (24"/30")
25 Squats

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Wednesday July 04, 2012


Fitness Estrella said...

12:26 RX'd (07/08/13)
This felt hard. Actually they all do at this altitude.

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13:38 RX'd (07/04/12)

L.A. said...

Just did this with Krista and Stevie! It seemed painless to start,I still cant BJ more then 16"
Pullups where pitiful, Carpal Tunnel cant grip well! So bad on this one! Thanks Krista, it was nice to final hook up.

Stevie Rx'd @13:29
Leslie @16" 15:09

Anonymous said...

Jen B.
17" bj

This was a good one. Pullup bars were slippery, slowed me down a tad.

13:03, 17" bj (7/4/12)

Anonymous said...

13:28 box jumbs were about 29"-30"

Did step downs on my box jumps. I don't like landing that hard on concrete with little to no cushion in my shoes. This slowed me down.


Fitness Estrella said...

I used a picnic table which I measured at 30".

Anonymous said...

Sorry jumps not jumbs


Lisa Hobbs said...

11:15 purple band and 19" box jumps. i need to work on squats. gotta get out the wallball!

Lisa Hobbs said...
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Lisa Hobbs said...
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D. said...

07/11/13 21:15
Pull ups unbroken, slow and broken on everything else. 17" BJ. Squats are super slow, but at least Rx'd. Easton was a distraction; but don't think I can blame this time on him!
Good job all. You're times are amazing.