Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday June 01, 2013

5 Rounds
25 Push Press (45/75#)
50 Double Unders (150 Singles)

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Monday, June 18, 2012


kq said...

17:48 Rx'd

Not as good as previous; but did this Sat a.m. w/ Leslie (yay!) after doing a double wod w/ Jenette Fri evening! PP unbroken rnds 1&2 only. Rnd 3; 18/7, Rnd 4; 20/5, Rnd 5; 15/10.

16:32, Rx'd (6-18-12)

D. said...

06/03/13 18:42 Rx'd PP broken rounds 3,4,5 20/5. I was able to stay at a pace to finish around 16 minutes for 3 rounds...then my shoulders were toast and I struggled with double unders the last two rounds.
05/25/12 30:07 55#(not sure why I did more weight than prescribed) + singles.

Fitness Estrella said...

9:25 RX'd (06/01/13)
This seemed easy and I felt strong during the entire WOD. First 2 Rounds of PP were Unbroken. Rounds 3,4 and 5 I needed very little rest. DU's were great and never got less than 36 to start.
Round 1 - 1:25
Round 2 - 2:55
Round 3 - 5:00
Round 4 - 7:15
Round 5 - 9:25

Previous Time:
14:17 RX'd (06/18/12) - 7 Months Post Shoulder Surgery

Jenette said...

17:26 singles, some DU's

7/27/12 - 18:03, 45#, singles

Jenette said...
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Jen B. said...

19:02 Rx'd

I think I was scared of this one last time because of all the DUs - looks like I skipped it. It was a shoulder and cardio burner for sure! I did the first round in 2:22, but after that was taking about 4:00 per round

Lisa Hobbs said...

14:09 35#pp singles 150
still trying to take it easy just 15 days after having my baby. my back still hurts where I had my epidural so had to stick with singles and a lower weight. still so happy to be back and not pregnant!

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