Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday May 15, 2013

Front Squats (60#/95#)

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Tuesday May 29, 2012


Jen B. said...

9:02 Rx'd

This was good. Front squats unbroken; pullups were 15-6, 10-5, 9.

10:23 Rx'd (5/29/12)

L.A. said...

Well I did a different WO with Rachel today. I'm so out of shape, or strengh, I couldn't do more then 6 pushups in a row to save my life Ha ha!

20 Sqts
20 Situps w/25# DB
20 Pushups


Fitness Estrella said...

6:55 RX'd (05/15/13)
This one hurt! I was Shooting for sub 7 since I said last time that I should be tat fast. My first round I was finished at 2:30. The second round was the hardest at finished at the 5:25 mark. I blew throught the third round to get my time. All rounds unbroken except for pauses in the burpees.

Previous Times:
9:33 RX'd (05/29/12) 6 Months post Shoulder Surgery.

Anonymous said...

Good WOD


Jenette said...

13:44 Rx'd

Did not beat my previous time so that was disappointing. On the flip side, still focused on ROM for the front squats and they were not unbroken. Also, this was the 2nd WOD we did tonight! First was Elizabeth, which went well but was tough following the thruster wods in the last couple days.

Thanks Krista for doing crazy long Friday night WOD's with me! What were we thinking? I can barely walk.

June 27, 2012 at 9:17 PM

13:23 Rx'd...time is slow however I felt so good on all the squats with the ROM. Pullups were well above the bar except one time I actually hit my chin.

kq said...

12:53 Rx'd

Not bad; would like to be closer to 10 min on this but pullups are still a struggle for me. Did sets of 2-4 each round. Even on 9 did 4-3-2. But I did it.

Thanks Jenette! It was fun doing two wod's. Worth every sweaty second. :0)

12:22 Rx'd (5/29/12)