Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday May 20, 2013

50 Thrusters (30#/45#)
50 Pullups
50 Double Unders
50 Push Press (30#/45#)

*Increase the weight to (60#/95#) for a Hero WOD! We lost a member in the Line of Duty yesterday and felt right to hurt through a WOD for him who was also a CrossFitter. You will see this later in the week on Thursday! Compare times and make this hurt!


Fitness Estrella said...

12:34 RX'd with 95# (05/20/13)
How bad could this be?, knowing what a fellow Firefighter went through and his family. I told myself to do all 50 Thrusters without dropping the bar no matter how bad it hurt. I did all 50! It took me 2:19 Unbroken with 95#! This was brutal on the shoulders especially once you get to the PP.

Jen B. said...

11:54 Rx'd with 30#

This was tough - can't imagine what it would have been like with 60#! Probably would have been a 20 minute WOD! Did thrusters in 2 sets 30-20; pullups were rough- started with 10 then dwindled - took 6 minutes to do all 50. DU 1:30, 3 sets for PP.

Jenette said...

12:46 Singles

Paul, I was so sorry to hear about this FF and watched the news coverage. I also did all 50 thrusters unbroken (at 1/3 your weight!) and it was tough. Shoulders were toasty from recent bench pres/row wod. Pull-ups started good but ended up at 4 at a time until the end. Singles were fast and unbroken. Push press was tough! Shoulders burning the entire time.

Fitness Estrella said...

6:36 RX'd @ 45# (05/20/13) on 06/07/13
I did this with 45# and my time was almost half that when I used 95#. I finished Thrusters at 1:40. PP were unbroken!

Previous Time with 95# Thrusters and Push Press was 12:34!