Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday May 06, 2013

5 Squat Cleans (95#/155#)
10 Pullups
50 Burpees
5 Push Press (95#/155#)
10 Pullups
50 Box Jumps (20"/24")
5 Front Squats (95#/155#)
10 Pullups
50 Wallballs (12#@9'/20#@10')

My Brother in Afghanistan


Fitness Estrella said...

12:43 RX'd (05/06/13)
I didn't feel like working out today. I just got it done.

Joshua said...

Did a 5k row with my buddy.
Me: 20:47
Him: 20:56

He was upset I beat him by 9 seconds... haha!

Fitness Estrella said...

Nice Job! Now beat me.

Joshua said...

In due time. I still have a few months out here of pure working out! Plus I killed my legs arms and core the 2 days before it... :D

Jen B. said...

14:42; 85#

Good, tough WOD. 50 WBs, burpees and BJs are alot! Couldn't do more than one push press with that weight, so it pretty much turned into 5 clean jerks instead.

Jenette and Krista - Nice job! It was a nice evening to do a workout and I always enjoy the company!

Jenette said...

15:32 (? Jen can you double check that), 65#

I had pulled something in my leg last week so didn't push it on the is bothering me during squat cleans. There was no pain during this WOD so I think all is well. Wish I would have done even 5 more # but there's always next time! :-)

Good WOD! Love hanging w/you girls and the weather was so awesome.

Jenette said...
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Jen B. said...

You are right on the time:
Jenette: 15:32; 65#
Krista: 16:15; 85#