Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday March 13, 2013


Double Unders

*If doing singles for jumprope, do 3x the amount of double unders (150, 120, 90, 60, 30) and add a 400m run to the beginning and end of the workout.

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Saturday October 12, 2012


Fitness Estrella said...

8:22 RX'd (03/13/13)
My neck and other parts of my body are in pain from snowboarding the previous day.

Previous Times:
7:58 RX'd (10/12/12) In Auburn, CA
8:53 RX'd (06/06/12) In Utah
All w/ 2 X 400M Runs
13:09 RX'd (07/11/11) In Auburn, CA
13:31 RX'd (12/29/10) In Auburn, CA
12:56 RX'd (07/01/10)
14:58 RX'd (05/21/10)
12:51 RX'd (02/13/10)
15:34 Singles (06/24/09) In Auburn, CA

Anonymous said...

Jen B.

13:47 Rx'd

This was really bad. I don't even want to post this time. Stiff and sore from snowboarding for the first time in about 10 years yesterday!

11:53 Rx'd (10/12/12)
13:09 Rx'd (6/6/12)

Anonymous said...



Lisa Hobbs said...

16:17 (26 wks)
This was a totally different wo not RX'd. Did the run with singles and did knees to elbows which took forever compared to situps. Just can't do situps anymore. But, my forearms and hands were killing from k2e.

Lisa Hobbs said...
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Jenette said...

12:53, singles w/runs

1st run 1:36, 2nd run 1:41

It's hard to take time off this wod.

October 13, 2012 13:15, singles w/runs

My tailbone does not like this wod, but otherwise it's an easy one. :-)

June 26, 2012 13:26 singles w/runs.
My tailbone is officially SORE.

kq said...

9:39 Rx'd

DU's were ok. Sit ups seemed super slow and was surprised at my time.
New PR!

10:11 Rx'd (10-16-12)
10:05 Rx'd (6-6-12)

D. said...

Deneshia 09:52 Rx'D -PR
Was trying to beat Krista's time...but needed oxygen and had to pause before starting each round of DU's.

kq said...

Nice work Deneshia!!