Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday March 03, 2013

3 Rounds
200M Run
100' Lunges*
50 Air Squats

*This was supposed to be 100M Lunges


Fitness Estrella said...

8:23 RX'd (03/03/13)
Lunges made the squats tough!

Jen B. said...

11:55 rx'd

My legs were on fire. Squats seemed slow. I think I did a little more than 200m on the run.

Salt and Pepper said...

10:54 rx'd - awesome workout! Thanks for putting it together Lisa!!

Tara C

D. said...

100m lunges - main site
Deneshia 30:45
It took me awhile to figure out why my time was tripple that of everyone else. I was also trying to imagine lunges being done that fast. ha
Did this two days ago and still hurts to move. Squat -purple band assist.

Lisa Hobbs said...

11:19 RX'd total leg burner!

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

15:11 rx'd though I'm pretty sure we did like 50 extra meters each round. Thanks for the workout ladies!

Jen B. said...

You are right Deneshia! It was supposed to be 100 meters. Didn't catch that. Nice job.

Fitness Estrella said...

WOW! Nice Catch Deneshia. Completely blew that one!

kq said...

15:38 Rx'd
w/ 100m lunges

Leg burner for sure!
Good all out wod. Noah joined Jenette and I today; he did well. I am proud of him for finishing it out. He is feeling it already! :0)

Thanks J!

Jenette said...

15:30 Rx'd
100m lunges

My legs felt like they were filled with cement! Thanks for joining me, Krista and Noah! He rocked this WOD.