Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday February 14, 2013

AMRAP in 10 Minutes
10 Box Jumps (24"/30")
5 Power Cleans (80#/135#)
10 Wallballs (12#@9'/20#@10')


Fitness Estrella said...

6 Rounds + 10 BJ's RX'd (02/14/13)
Good WOD but tough. This makes you want to keep going and not break anything up. My goal was 4 rounds. I over achieved.

Jen B. said...

5 rnds + 6 BJ's Rx'd

I actually liked this one. BJ's weren't as bad as I thought, although I almost lost my footing on one. I dropped the bar from the top on PC's but picked it right back up. Wallballs mostly unbroken.

Jenette said...

5 Rounds + 3 BJ's, 20"

I really pushed to get 5 rounds! Was thrilled to see I had a few seconds left and got in 3 BJ's. Everything unbroken.