Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday February 16, 2013

AMRAP in 12 Minutes
50 Squats
30 Pushups (C2G)
15 Pullups


Lisa Hobbs said...

Ran 4.96 miles today. It was such nice weather and I felt great

46:47 (22wks)

Fitness Estrella said...

3 Rounds, 50 Squats + 10 Pu's RX'd (02/16/13)
This is about 3 rounds of Cindy each round. I thought I should get 4 rounds but the Pushups kept me from achieving this. The squats were tough as well in the later rounds.

D. said...

Deneshia 2 rounds in 13:26
Squat assist to bosou
Push ups 10reg then knee assist
Pull ups no band

Unknown said...

2 rounds + 50 squats+ 26 push-ups

I had to use band assist and do regular pull-ups for this WOD. The push-ups were brutal. Got this WOD done between dentist appt and work. I love Crossfit lol 12 minutes and I am done!!

Me and The Boys said...

2 rounds + 50 squats + 25 push-ups

Used purple band for first round
Used 2 bands for the rest


Me and The Boys said...

2rounds + 50 squats +16 push-ups

Blue band first round
3 bands the rest

Devin G.

Me and The Boys said...

Correction 3 bands for the rest - Tara

Lisa Hobbs said...

2 rounds + 50 squats + 15 Pullups + 15 pushups.
Finished @ 12:48
Pushups on knees
(22 wks)

L.A. said...

Just did this one this morning. my legs where still sore from Sat!Squats wherenise and low, Pushups where a bit tough,then to switch to Pullups where the worst.Nice job everyone!

3Rd, 50 Sqt,+5 PU Rx'd (2/19/13)

Me and The Boys said...

Me and Devin got 15 pull-ups in our post. Sorry...

kq said...

2 rounds + 50 Squats + 30 Pushups + 9 Pullups
3 rounds @ 12:29

Was hoping to finish out the 3 rounds in 12 minutes but it just didn't happen. Pullups were stiff and difficult for me today. Thank you for joining me Jenette; sooooo close! :0)

Nice work everyone.

Jenette said...

2 rounds + 50 squats + 30 pushups + 14 pull-ups (!!!)

3 rounds in 12:02.

Thanks for having me over KQ! We really pushed for 3 rounds. I was sooooo bummed about missing it by a couple seconds. Next time!

Jen B. said...

3 rounds + 4 squats

Was just able to squeeze in 3 rounds. the pushups really got to me. Had to take lots of breaks on those. Pretty much went to hand release after the first round. First set of squats and pullups unbroken.

Leslie - way to rock it!