Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday February 11, 2013

10 Rounds
5 Deadlifts (Body Weight)
10 Situps
15 Double Unders (45 singles)

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Wednesday September 26, 2012


kq said...

125lbs Rx'd

I like this wod. Got 8 rounds out of 10 unbroken on DU's. Tripped up 1st round and later my rope got caught on my hair! Ha. Leslie rocked this! Thanks for joining me today. :0)

11:51 125lbs DU's (9-26-12)
12:50 125lbs DU's (2-4-12)
12:21 115lbs DU's (9-20-11)
20:14 115lbs DU's 2-4 at a time (2-27-11)first time with DU's!

L.A. said...


Thanks for the WO! It wasn't all that bad, after all! DL's where all unbroken, cause there was only 5 Reps at a time Lol!! Singles, I so SUCK at DU's. Good Rush with this WO!

13:43 115lbs S (2/6/12)
16:06 120lbs S (12/25/11)
14:25 115lbs S (9/20/11)
14:43 115lbs S (?)

Jenette said...

11:17 125# (Rx'd), Singles

This felt good...and fast...but wasn't as fast as I wanted! Couldn't keep up w/Jen. Thanks for joining me. :-)

10/3/2012 - 11:31, 110#, singles

I wanted to focus on form, as usual, so stuck w/110# and recorded the wod. I felt fast, no breaks, no muscle fatigue.

12:58, 80# (due to knee injury), singles.

13:40, 125# (RX'd!!!!) and singles

D. said...

Deneshia 22:38
Wanted to give body weight a try.
DL 135# Wow! I'm heavy!
Last three rounds scaled down to three reps.

Jen B. said...

11:13 Rx'd
120# DL

Yeah! I crushed my last time...still couldn't beat Krista though. Jenette was right with me through the WOD - so no time to slow down! Only tripped up on DU's 2 or 3 rounds, the rest unbroken.
Thanks Jenette!

Deneshia - keep it up! What was your previous max on DL?

Previous Times:
15:23 Rx'd (120#) 9/26/12)
13:13 Rx'd (120#) (2/03/12)
15:01 115# (9/19/11)
17:01 115# (2/27/11)

Fitness Estrella said...

7:48 RX'd w/ 205# DL (02/11/13)
12 Rounds, 5 DL's & 8 SU's in 10:00
13 Rounds in 10:23
Finished up 2 more Rounds for 15 at a controlled pace.
After almost 2 weeks off from doing WOD's due to PRK and a Back Injury, I was afraid of this killing me. Instead I felt strong and was able to keep up the pace. My situps may have slowed slightly but I was unbroken on every round.
Note: I had many excuses for my last time such as doing the WOD in the garage. Well I did it in the garage again this time and I have no excuses.

Previous Times:
10:39 RX'd w/ 200# DL (09/26/12)
9:36 RX'd w/ 205# DL (09/19/11)
8:48 RX'd w/ 215# DL (02/27/11)

Fitness Estrella said...

Everyone did great!

Fitness Estrella said...


D. said...

DL Max 150#
Pretty sure I can beat this. ;)

Jenette said...

@Paul - When can you help me with DU's!?? :-)

Fitness Estrella said...

Anytime! Tomorrow will work.

Unknown said...

Rx'd 115 DL (I wish I weighed that much lol)

I whipped through everything but the dead lifts hurt. I messed up my back and am working with a chiropractor to get it fixed. I didn't want to go any heavier, this Hirt enough as it is. Other than that I feel good, DU's were feeling great today.

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Morgan- 14:15

20 modified situps

This was Day 2 of postpartum wods. I did this when I first started crossfit from the estrellahillsfit blog with a time of 16:55 with the same modifications. Today wasn't a great time but it feels good to know that I'm still better than when I started :)