Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday January 30, 2013

Filthy Fifties Backwards

50 Double Unders (150 Singles)
50 Burpees
50 Wallballs (12#@ 9'/20# @ 10')
50 Back Extensions (Good Mornings w/30#/45# Bar)
50 Push Press (30#/45#)
50 Knees 2 Elbows (Situps)
50 Lunges (Steps)
50 Kettlebell Swings (26#/35#)
50 Jumping Pullups
50 Box Jumps (20"/24")

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Monday October 01, 2012


Jen B. said...

29:31 Rx'd

This killed my arms! I wasn't any faster doing this backwards. Not sure what is worse to end with DU's or BJ's!

27:44 Rx'd (11/23/13)

Fitness Estrella said...

25:11 RX'd/Backwards (01/30/13) - Good Mornings
I didn't think it was as bad but I didn't seem like I went all out either. I liked getting the Burpees and Wallballs out of the way early.

Previous Times:
27:49 RX'd (10/01/12) - Good Mornings
24:09 RX'd (06/30/11) - Good Mornings
26:23 RX'd (04/23/10) - Situps for Back Ext.
25:51 (11/10/09) - Situps for Back Ext. and Singles
Started with WB's and then Lunges.
30:24 (06/16/09) - Situps for Back Ext. and Singles
1st Round - 13:15
2nd Round - 17:09
I did 2 rounds of 25.

Jenette said...

28:15, Singles
Felt good throughout, although for some reason the jumping pull-ups at the end were so tough. My arms were burning and I could barely hold the bar. Love this one! Thanks for the suggestion and kicking my booty, Krista. :-)

29:19 (is it possible I had the exact same time as last year???), 20" bj, 25# dumbbell kb, 35 toes 2 bar (ugh by accident!! then switched to k2e for last 15 when Krista said something), 30#pp, 30#gm, 12# wb @ 9', burpees (about 10 were step-backs as my shoulders were toast), singles.

13" BJ, 18# KB, K2E (waist high), 30# PP, 30# GM, 10# WB @ 8' and Singles

kq said...

27:31 Rx'd (16lb WB @7ft)

Everything went well; just seemed to take forever. K2E were most difficult and had a rough start with the WB's. Liked starting with DU's but not the burpees...

Jenette you did amazing. Way to push through your fav BJ's after a bit of a misstep! Nice job. :0)

28:20 Rx'd (30lb KB, 16lb WB@7'; everything else as Rx'd) 10-24-12
28:57 Rx'd (35lbs KB/PP/GM/TH for WB)11-23-11
28:26 (Rx'd, 35lb KB, sit-ups, TH for WB) 06/30/11
35:12 (Rx'd with singles) 11/10/09

Anonymous said...

7:49 rx,d
Now i am doing a mile run every day. When i did it today i had a stich in my side. It really hurt but it did not stop me from running so i kept going and i got a time of 7:49.

9 years old.

D. said...

42:31 Almost had double unders unbroken, 48-2. Everything else still needs more improvement. Most likely spent the most time on jumping pull ups. It's taking a long time, but slowly I'm getting back into shape.
Previous 08/09/12 01:12:00

Lisa Hobbs said...

Did this one yesterday, but didn't get it all finished. Saved the double indeed for the end, because with the baby landing on my bladder they are difficult. Anyway at 40 box jumps I slipped and scraped my shin up pretty bad. Had to stop and get ice and gauze on it. Will have to do this one again and finish it.
22:36 w/ 10 box jumps and 50 dus left to do.

Lisa Hobbs said...

Finished it this time. Made some modifications though
Dus still doing a single in between. Got tripped up a few times but not too bad.
Did burpee kick outs (this is where my time gets so much faster)
Wallballs RX'd 12@9'
GMs actuallly did 35# since that is what i have
PP 35#
Did situps
Lunges rx'd
KBs @ 35#
JPs RX'd
Did step ups instead of box jumps @ 21" (didnt feel very stable with box jumps)

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