Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday January 23, 2013

AMRAP in 15 Minutes
100' Weighted DB Lunges (25/35#)
25 Double Unders
10 Ring Dips

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Saturday, September 03, 2011


Jen B. said...

4 rnds + 7 lunges @ 15:00
5 rounds @ 17:49
RD's w/ purple band

I underestimated the weighted lunges-made the DU's that much harder! Ring dips were actually my best exercise today - felt good on those, broke them up into 6-4. Leslie, Lisa, and I were all pretty close on this one.

4 rnds; singles, toe touch RDs (9/03/09)

Lisa Hobbs said...

4 rnds + 5 lunges (20# DBs, red band on RD)
5 full rnds @ 18:08

Lisa Hobbs said...

4 rnds + 5 lunges (20# DBs, red band on RD)
5 full rnds @ 18:08

Jenette said...

Singles & 26# kb's

5 rnds + 25 lunges
6 rounds @ 16:38

We measured out the 100' which was nice because I can take pretty big steps. :-) My kb's would swing forward with every step so I had to lock down my arms and upper body in order to balance. Just kept trying to keep up with Krista. Her DU's were so fast, and unbroken several rounds. Thanks for the great stretching (MUCH needed) and the company, KQ.

kq said...

5 rnds + 25 lunges
6 rnds complete @ 16:29
w/ 25lb DB's; RD's w/ purple band

This was brutal. Wanted to STOP on the lunges. DU's were unbroken rnds 1-3 got tripped up once rnds 4-6. Fought to keep up w/ Jenette. Crazy. We had fun! :0)

Jenette said...

I had a purple band, too. :-)

Fitness Estrella said...

7 Rounds @ 14:57 RX'd (01/23/13)
The Lunges were BRUTAL! My DU's were unbroken every round. RD's felt strongest ever, I believe. I finished 3 rounds in 5:30 and 7 Rounds at 14:57. I had about 2 minutes for the final round and busted hard all the way through to finish out 7. I am glad it's finished!

Previous Times:
5 Rounds @ 14:29 RX'd (09/03/11)
6 Rounds @ 17:41 RX'd

6 Rounds @ 15:53 RX'd (09/20/09)

L.A. said...

18:09 Finished out the 5th Rd
Singles (got 3 DU's)
Lunges @25lbs

D. said...

Deneshia 3rounds +7lunges
Lunges 25# Didn't think I'd make one round with this weight, so glad with three.
Jumprope broke first round 6reps in, so changed to box jump. Legs were jello and the wet ground didn't help.
RD - red

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

Morgan- 6 rounds 15#db

DU's were SO frustrating. Best was 7 unbroken and that only happened once. I used some therabands for RD's that were probably between the resistance of the purple and red band? Good wod overall.