Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday January 09, 2013


Handstand Pushups*
Ring Dips
Pushups (Hand Release)

*Sub Push Press (80#/135#) for HSPU

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Monday March 12, 2012


Fitness Estrella said...

9:48 (01/09/13)
135# PP
This SUCKED! This was one of the hardest combinations I have done in a long time. I was able to get my first 21 PP but couldn't get more than 5 Pushups in a row. Finished the first round @ 2:58 and sucked wind from there.

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Injured (03/12/12)

kq said...

80lb PP
Purple band RD's

Wow. Not much to say. Tough. Failed on my PP 3 or 4 times. Thanks for the push Jen; I really debated stripping off 5lbs during set of 15. Nice job.

Purple band RD's
modified HSPU; park table (3-12-12)

Jen B. said...

75# PP
RD's w/purple band

This is a BRUTAL workout! I didn't like it last time either. I was done after the first round of 21, after that could only get 3 PP and 3 RD's in a row. My arms felt numb on pushups. Krista - way to go with 80# - I would not have made it through!

12:40 (3/12/12)
Ring dips w/ red band
Modified HSPU - feet on park table

Jenette said...

20:13 75#, purple band RD's

Ok, no offense to JT but this WOD is ridiculous. Round 2 was brutal and I had a total arm failure in round 3, failed twice on the PP and just had to wait. Managed 2 at a time. Wanted to QUIT. But I kept going and got this terrible time. At least it's done now.