Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday January 27, 2013

AMRAP in 7 minutes:


*Place a bar, object, ect. or tape on a wall 6 inches above your reach. Jump and touch with both hands with every burpee.

If you didn't get 100, continue until you do and post time for both.

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Saturday February 25, 2012


Fitness Estrella said...

87 RX'd (01/27/13)
100 @ 8:00
This was tough! My whole left side has been bothering me and it quickly warmed up. By 40 I was done! I was hoping for 100 but quickly faded. Both insides of my wrist are raw from jumping too high and rubbing them on the bar on the way down from my jump. 6" was to my palm and I was jumping and hiting my wrists.

Previous Times:
Injured (02/25/13)

Jen B. said...

81 Rx'd

100 @ 8:42

Those last 19 to get to 100 were tough! I was gassed after 3 minutes. Glad this one is out of the way...

85 Rx'd (2/25/13)

Lisa Hobbs said...

89 (burpee kick-outs...real burpees put too much pressure on my stomach)
100 @ 7:56

To make it a little more fair (since I had to modify my burpees) I ran 3 miles 5 min before I started the wo. Got 23:27.

Lisa Hobbs said...

Why do my comments always double? I am so frustrated!!!! Sorry guys!

Jenette said...

66 Rx'd

Wish I could have at least matched my previous time. Did this with Krista in her garage against the wall. Thanks for the invite!

kq said...

70 Rx'd
100 @ 13:37

Thanks for joining me Jenette.

68 Rx'd (2-25-12)

D. said...

64 Rx'd
100 13:36

Anonymous said...

90 Rx'd (02/01/13)
100 @ 7:53

Good WOD.

78 (2/25/12)