Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday January 20, 2013

Double Unders (Singles X 3)
Pushups (Hand Release)
Situps (Unsecure)

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Monday October 10, 2011


L.A. said...

Did Tues WOD with Krista this moring; posted there! That is always a must do WO!!!

kq said...

11:22 Rx'd

DU's did not go as well as I would have liked...pushups are still a killer on this wod. Great job Jen and Lisa!

11:35 Rx'd 6-12-12
12:35 Rx'd 11-25-11 (wod 10-10-11)
13:33 Rx'd 8-2-11

Jen B. said...

13:02 Rx'd

Krista left us in the dust...My pushups are what slowed me down this time. Double unders were pretty good - Did 20 unbroken.

15:04 Rx'd (10/10/11)
16:42 Rx'd (8/2/10)

Lisa Hobbs said...

13:09 RX'd first round of DUs when great. Got 28. After that, kept tripping up on the rope. Just glad I can still do DUs.

Fitness Estrella said...

9:19 RX'd (01/20/13)
Pushups were the killer! DU's and Situps were unbroken.

Previous Time:
12:00 RX'd (10/10/11)
10:05 RX'd (08/02/11)

D. said...

Deneshia 13:49
Push ups were super hard as always 5 regular each round, then knee assist most of them with a pause between and arms cramping. Really had to push on DU's (4 tripups for all rounds) and situps to keep my time close to you all.
New jumprope really don't like it. What type of rope does everyone have? Where did you buy it?

Jenette said...

11:12, singles

Push-ups were super tough. I beat my last time! Yay!

Jenette - 13:20 singles, pushups still tough and making my arms BURN. :-)

13:58, singles, pushups were very difficult!

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

11:38 Rxd